designer, artist, technologist, educator



Izzie is a designer, artist, technologist, educator.

She works with the body, leather, code and computational fashion. She currently works as a UX Lead on Platform at Shopify where she works designing developer tools for the app platform. Through her work as president of Dames Making Games and member of the board at the Toronto Media Arts Centre, she is devoted to supporting and educating artists interested in software and electronic arts. She’s previously worked as a creative technologist at TIFF and a game developer with a number of indie studios in Toronto.

Originally from Halifax NS, after completing two years at NSCAD University she moved to Toronto and began a brisk descent into the bowels of technology development and has (mostly) never looked back. She now holds a BFA in software and electronic arts with a specialization in wearable technology from OCAD University.

She’s been exhibiting her work since 2008, including as part of Making Patterns an exhibit at Eyebeam in New York. She is the co-author of a paper that was part of TEI’15 Ninth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction at Stanford University. She has given talks internationally on wearable tech, VR, tech-art, alternative education, community development and the points at which all these things intersect.

Izzie’s creative praxis centres creating space to share and critically engage with technology, which is crucial to her own practice and that of her community. She is a founding organizer of the game-art conference Damage Camp, now in its 3rd year running. She has also spent 3 years as an organizer of Make Change, a conference bring together people interested in the intersection between creative making and social justice. She has curated exhibits Internationally, including at the Art Gallery on Ontario

Chat to Izzie about body-centric technology, navigating strange career paths, creative community development or her recent adventure in teaching herself upholstery.