designer, artist, technologist, educator


Professional Experience

Shopify - UX Lead, Platform (November 2017 - Present)

Dames Making Games Toronto - President of the Board, Programming Director (December 2014 - Present)

Tread Inc - Product Lead (March - August 2017)

Planswell - Front End Developer (October 2016 - March 2017)

Toronto International Film FestivalDigital Studio - Creative Technologist (February 2016 - Present)

The Social Body Lab at OCAD University - Research Assistant, Co-Organizer of Toronto Wearable Meetup 2016 (October 2013 - Present)

Compass Wear, w/ Pearl Chen - Wearable Technology R&D, iOS Software Development (July 2015 - March 2016)

Toronto Public Library - Innovator in ResidenceScarborough  Civic Centre (November 2015 - January 2016)

Quipucamayoc, OCAD University - Research Assistant  Unity and Kinect Visualisations (July 2015 - Present)

MKultra - Gameplay Programmer (February 2014 - August 2014), Knight and Damsel

N. Maxwell Lander, Photographer -  Electronics Creation and Photo Assistant (January 2015 - July 2015), Carnal Anomaly


Colpitts-Campbell, Izzie. “Costumes for Cyborgs_sound: New Body Experience in Sound and Movement”. eContact! 18.2 - TIES 2015: 9th Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium (May 2016).

Hartman, K., Predko, H., McConnell, J., Colpitts-Campbell, I. & Kourtoukov, B. “Monarch: Self-Expression Through Wearable Kinetic Textile”. TEI’15 Ninth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, Stanford University, January 15-19, 2015. New York, NY: ACM, 2015.

Colpitts-Campbell, Izzie. Connection and Motion. 2013. Make: Wearable Electronics. By Kate Hartman. Sabastopol, CA: Maker Media, 2014. 1.

March 2017 - Doin’ is for Themselves - International Women's Day, we’re hosting a rapid-fire presentation featuring creatives, innovators, and disruptors, Design Exchange, Toronto ON

November 2016 - Toronto Creative Music Lab 2016 // Accessibility, Community and Artistic Practice, Canadian Music Centre, Toronto, ON

July 2016 Collaboration: work methods for interesting creativity, Make Change, Design Exchange, Toronto ON

April 2016 Game Art & Collaborative Governance, Indiecade, Museum of Moving Image, New York City

November 2015 - Supporting our Volunteers: Developing Sustainable Member-run, Inclusive Arts Spaces - Panel Discussion, Community Media Convergence, Carlton University, Ottawa ON

November 2015 - Community Media 3.0? Gaming, Interaction and Self-Representation - Moderator, Commmunity Media Convergence, Carlton University

September 2015 Playing the Lead: Feminism in Media Art and Gaming - Panel Discussion, Feminist Art Conference, OCAD University

August 2015 - Costumes for Cyborgs: new body experience in sound and movement, paper presentation, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium

June 2015 Making Wearables Move, artist talk, ITP Camp, NYU

June 2015 - Costumes for Cyborgs_sound, artist talk, ITP Camp, NYU

March 2015 - Alter Interface: experimenting with physical game controls, Different Games Conference, NYU: Polytechnic

October 2014 - Knight and Damsel presented by MkUltra, GamerCamp Conference

August 2014 - Artist talk, Dames Making Games August Speakers Social

July 2014 - JuliveWire game jam organizer, DMG Toronto

March 2014 Knight and Damsel presented by MKUltra, GDC Conference

November 2014 - Long Winter Arcade, Curator/Coordinator

July 2013 - Wingman Artist Talk, DMG July Speaker Social

Presentations & Artist Talk


July 2019 - Cocoon, Long Exposure Festival, Arts in the Park, Toronto ON

February 2018 - Curator, Play with Me: The Love and Sex Show, Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo NY

March 2018 - Monarch V2 part of Wired to Wear, Museum of Science and Technology Chicago

September 2015 - Costumes for Cyborgs part of Wear Me: Art | Body | Tech, Station Gallery, Whitby ON

July 2015 - Prosthetic Technologies of Being part of Making Patterns, Eyebeam, New York City

April 2014 - Materializing Data exhibited as part of IntraMedia, OCAD University, Toronto, ON 

January 2014 - Wingman part of AGO’s First Thursday, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON

November 2014 - Wingman part of Long Winter Arcade, The Great Hall, Toronto, ON

2012 - Cook, Wash, Tidy part of Pulled Pork Print Show, Seeds Gallery, Halifax NS

2011 - Discretion and Display, Port Loggia Gallery, Halifax, NS

2010 - Monsters #7 & #13, Mooring Gallery, Mahone Bay,NS

2008 - Sexy Rexy part of Night Shift, The Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax NS


2013 - 2015 - OCAD University, BFA Integrated Media, minor in Wearable Technology

June 2013 - Dames Making Games Toronto Junicorn Game Incubator

2011 - 2013 - NSCAD University, Halifax NS